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Product Description

Get ready to fulfill your habits, chore goals, and fitness tasks with Lambock’s Dry-Erase Magnetic Planner set for your fridge. This bundle includes everything you need to keep track of your schedule.

Ultimate Tool

Our Habit Tracker & Goals Planner has wide applications. It can serve as an Academic Planner, Meal Planner, or Budget Planner. Its spacious & adaptable design makes it suitable for a variety of uses.

Securely Stays in Place

Say goodbye to the frustration of falling off & curling. The Lambock Magnetic Dry Erase Boards have a thick 0.7MM premium magnetic backing that keeps the board securely in place on any metallic surface.

Ghost-Free with Elegant Design

No more dull design, the colorful design of Lambock Magnetic Board promotes a positive and lively atmosphere. At the same time, our premium product quality ensures a crystal-clear writing and smooth erasing experience.

Productivity Tool

Transform productivity & elevate habits with Dry Erase Magnetic Planner. Eisenhower Matrix planner empowers you to prioritize tasks effortlessly. Organize up to 20 tasks across various categories including important, not important, urgent, and not urgent

Know The Different Ways To Use Our Trackers & Habit Planners

Are you ready to transform your refrigerator into a command center for your family’s schedule, meal planning, and important reminders? With these Magnetic Trackers & Habit Planners, you can have peace of mind; it is carefully designed to keep you on track and organized.

How can I use the magnetic planner & tracker for my fitness progress?

You can use the fitness goal planner to write down your daily fitness routine and cross out what you are done with.

The size of the daily planner & tracker and the goal planner in this bundle is A4 – (8.3×11.7) inches

Dry-erase markers are suitable for writing on the dry-erase boards for the fridge. Do not use permanent board markers as they can damage the surface of the fridge.

Our colorful whiteboard promotes a positive and lively atmosphere, while our cutting-edge material ensures a crystal-clear writing experience