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Product Description

Say goodbye to cluttered calendars and messy planners—our boards provide a sleek and organized display. Resistant to scratches and stains, they maintain their pristine appearance even with daily use.

Ghost-Free And Stain Resistant:

Say goodbye to bland whiteboards and hello to our colorful design weekly and monthly dry-erase magnetic planners. Our magnetic dry-erase planners promote a positive and lively atmosphere. Made from high-quality PET material, you can have peace of mind; the surface will resist stains and ghosting.

Thickned Magnets:

Stop worrying about dry-erase planners and calendars falling off or curling. Our dry-erase boards feature a thick 0.7MM premium magnet that keeps the board securely in place on any metal surface. You can display family memories, photos, recipes, chore charts, and lists on the fridge.

Bigger Writing Space:

Lambocks' Dry Erase Monthly and weekly planner offers a larger writing space. This provides the users ample room to write their plans, appointments, fitness routines, grocery lists, to-do tasks, and much more without going out of space.

Perfect Gift Item:

Looking for a thoughtful nd practical gift idea? Look no further, Lambocks' premium fridge calendar dry erase set comes in a beautiful box packing, making it the perfect present for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, holiday, or housewarming party. Not only it is a great gift for those who love to stay organized, but it's also perfect for anyone who wants to boost their productivity and achieve their goals.

Product Details

01. Family Organizer

Keep track of family schedules, appointments, and activities.

02. Meal Planner

Plan weekly meals and create shopping lists accordingly.

03. Chore Chart

Assign household chores and track completion throughout the week.

04. Homework Schedule

Help children manage their homework assignments and deadlines.

05. Fitness Tracker

Monitor exercise routines and set fitness goals for the family.

06. Goal Setting

Set personal or family goals for the month and week.

Know The Different Ways To Use Our Dry Erase Calendar

Say goodbye to cluttered calendars and messy planners — Lambocks’ monthly and weekly planner magnetic dry erase boards provide a sleek and organized display. Resistant to scratches and stains, they maintain their pristine appearance even with daily use.

How can you use the Fridge Magnets included with the dry-erase calendar and planners?

POWERFUL N52 Neodymium Fridge Magnets allow you to display beautiful family memories & photos, notes, recipes, chore charts, or a grocery list on the Fridge.

Our COLORFUL DESIGN Calendar Whiteboard promotes a positive and lively atmosphere, while our cutting-edge material science ensures a crystal-clear writing experience.

Students, house moms, and home office workers are more likely to use the monthly and weekly magnetic planner to organize their busy schedules.

Simplify your child’s life with Lambock’s innovative Magnetic Dry Erase Planner! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRD5ti3VnrU&list