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Product Description

With its waterproof adhesive and clear design, this set is perfect for a variety of tasks, from highlighting important information to adding a creative touch to your studies and presentations.

Durable & Reusable

Lambock Reusable Sticky Notes are designed to minimize paper waste and maximize convenience by offering a reusable solution. With Dry erase magnetic labels, you can write, erase, and rewrite effortlessly, ensuring a clean surface every time without any stains.

Strong Magnetism & Perfect Size

Lambock Dry Erase Labels, equipped with a durable 0.7mm magnetic backing, ensuring steadfast attachment to any metallic surface, providing unparalleled stability & eliminating the frustration of constantly falling off.

Versatile Usability

Lambock Dry Erase Sticky Notes are suitable for home, office, and educational settings, Dry erase Magnets are ideal for parent-child teaching and planning on Magnetic whiteboards

Stain & Ghost Free

Lambock Magnetic Sticky Labels featuring a premium quality PET surface that delivers a smooth writing and erasing experience.

Know The Different Ways To Use Our Magnetic Sticky Notes

Are you ready to transform your refrigerator into a command center for your family’s schedule, meal planning, and important reminders? With this Magnetic Sticky Notes, you can have peace of mind; it is carefully designed to keep you on track and organized.

How do I use magnetic sticky notes effectively in my studies?

Magnetic sticky notes can be a helpful organizational tool for any student. You can use the sticky notes for highlighting important information, writing additional notes, mind mapping, revision notes, and the list goes on

Keep in mind that the sticky notes are considered as the most versatile tool for exam revision. You can note down key concepts, formulas, and equations, and highlight important topics

Lambock transparent sticky notes can be pasted repeatedly and repositioned without leaving a sticky residue behind.

First, you do not need to worry about water spillage on the sticky notes. The sticky notes are made of high-quality PET material and are waterproof.