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Product Description

With 6 small yet incredibly strong fridge magnets and an adhesive metal plate, this set provides unparalleled convenience and functionality for a myriad of applications. They are designed to revolutionize organization in your kitchen, office, and school environments.

Value Pack

Includes both Metal plates and Small Neodymium Magnets, providing great value and convenience for all your magnetic surface needs.

Multi-Use & Multi-Surface

The adhesive metal plate is universally compatible with all types of magnetic phone mounts, Also used to create a metallic base on a non-metallic surface.

Heavy-Duty Magnet

Their neodymium construction, featuring THREE PROTECTIVE LAYERS (Ni, Co, Ni) makes them CORROSION-RESISTENT and DURABLE.

Powerful and Scratch-Free

Our sleek and thin non-magnetic metal plate can be used with any magnetic phone mount for a car, with smooth edges & POWERFUL ADHESIVE BACKING.

Product Details

01. Kitchen Organization

Secure recipes, grocery lists, and kitchen tools on the fridge or magnetic board for easy access while cooking.

02. Office Memo Display

Use the magnets to hold important memos, notes, and reminders on your office whiteboard or bulletin board.

03. Fridge Calendar Attachment

Keep track of appointments, deadlines, and events by affixing a magnetic calendar to your refrigerator.

04. Garage Tool Organization

Attach metal plates to tools and use magnets to hang them on the walls of your garage or workshop for easy access.

05. Magnetic Spice Rack

Create a space-saving magnetic spice rack on the side of your fridge or kitchen cabinet for easy access to spices while cooking.

06. DIY Magnetic Photo Display

Use magnets to create a stylish and interchangeable photo display on your fridge or magnetic board.

Know The Different Ways To Use Our Fridge Magnets

Are you ready to transform your refrigerator into a command center for your family’s schedule, meal planning, and important reminders? With this Fridge Magnets, you can have peace of mind; it is carefully designed to keep you on track and organized.

How strong are these small fridge magnets?

Our small fridge magnets are made of neodymium, one of the strongest magnetic materials available. They are ideal for holding papers, photos, and lightweight items on magnetic surfaces like fridges, magnetic boards, or metal plates.

You can use the push pin magnets on non-metal surfaces by pairing them with the included adhesive metal plates. Simply attach the metal plates to any flat surface, and the magnets will securely latch onto it, providing a versatile magnetic solution for various applications.

The adhesive metal plate is designed to be removable without causing damage to most surfaces. Just apply a bit of heat by using a hair dryer for a couple of seconds, until the adhesive is softened. Then simply remove the adhesive metal plates.

The effectiveness may vary depending on the curvature and smoothness of the surface. For best results, ensure that the surface is clean and dry before attaching the magnets, and consider using multiple magnets for better stability on curved surfaces.

Weight 4.2 kg