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Product Details


Multi-Functional Usage

Offer versatile functionality for conveniently annotating, marking, or highlighting documents without causing permanent changes. For best results, you need to use oil-based pens on the sticky notes.


Widely Used In

These self-adhesive, waterproof, and clear Sticky Notes find widespread use in Offices, Schools, and Homes, serving the needs of students and office personnel effectively. You can also do DIY tasks with them for fun.


Long-Lasting And Durable

Constructed from durable and high-quality P.E.T material, the clear sticky notes exhibit exceptional durability and stickiness, ensuring secure attachment even after being repositioned many times.



Set presents various annotation shapes, including arrow designs, flag annotation tabs, index tabs, sticky book tabs, and translucent notes, providing users with a comprehensive annotation solution.

Know The Different Ways To Use Our Cute Transparent Sticky Notes

With a total of 2350 pieces, this comprehensive set offers unparalleled versatility and functionality, making it the perfect gift for students, professionals, and creatives alike.
How can the translucent sticky notes be used to enhance my organization and productivity as a student?
You can use the transparent sticky to add reminders, categorize information with colors, highlight key points, and annotate books, enhancing creativity, productivity, and organization.
You can use the clear sticky notes in class by making a checklist for your students, make an interactive mental health check board, or handout positive messages around the class to boost their mood.
Learning a new language with the help of transparent sticky notes can be fun. Write down sentence structures or grammar rules on transparent sticky notes and stick them on your study desk or wall. This allows you to visually refer to them while practicing writing or speaking in the new language.
Of course, you can for sure use this cute sticky notes bundle as a gift item. The sticky notes are beautifully packed and feature a wide range of designs and color options.